Connect Pro User Guide for Speakers

How to log into Interprefy Connect Pro on your computer and navigate the platform as a speaker

Before you begin

  • Internet connection - Recommended bandwidth of 4mbps up/down or higher. Ethernet connection is recommended.
  • Recommended browser - Latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge
  • Ensure optimal sound quality - Interpreters need high-quality audio input to interpret your message without skipping a beat. Choose a quiet environment without background noise and use a quality USB plugged-in microphone or headset.

Last updated 12th Nov 2021

Video user guide


How to log in

  • Open your internet browser, enter the Interprefy link you’ve been provided, and click "to my session" to confirm.
  • Alternatively, visit, enter your provided event token and click "to my session" to confirm.

connect pro login 1-gif

If two-factor authentication is activated for your event

  • Enter your registered email address or mobile phone number (format: +41 79 1234567) to receive a verification code:
  • Enter the verification code that you have received either via email or text message (SMS) and click "submit":
2fa verification

If pre-call test is activated

If activated for your meeting, you will next be prompted to set and test your audio and video settings on a pre-call test page.

speaker precall test

  1. Language - Select your preferred interpretation language. To hear the floor language, select "none".
  2. Camera on - Select your webcam, turn on/off camera and choose to blur your background
  3. Microphone on - Select and test your headset or microphone. Turn mic on/off.
  4. Record voice - Press to record yourself and listen to how you sound.
  5. Audio on - Select your audio output device. Click "play sound" to test correct audio output.
  6. Connection test - Test if your internet bandwidth can support audio and video streaming.
  7. Click "Join call" to enter the meeting.

If Lobby is activated

The meeting host can activate a lobby for participants to use as a waiting room until the meeting starts. 

lobby for delegates

The meeting host can admit and reject participants anytime during the meeting or event. 

Browser pop-up

As a first-time user, you will need to allow your browser to access your microphone and camera for the session, by clicking "allow" in the browser pop-up.

Call settings

These will appear if a test call was not enabled for your event. A pop-up window will ask you to adjust your call settings for the meeting.

  1. Choose your audio interpreting language
  2. Select your audio device
  3. Select your video device
  4. Click "save" to join the meeting.

call settings

Raising your hand to request to take the floor

By default, all event participants are muted, until streaming is permitted and enabled by the event host.

  • In order to request to take the floor, click the green hand icon in the navigation bar and wait for approval.
  • Participants list indicates speaker queue status:

Participant is currently streaming
Participant is currently not streaming
Participant has requested to take the floor

How to participate in a poll

If polling and voting is activated for your event, you will see a "vote" tab next to the event chat tab.

  • In order to participate in the poll, you will need to click "accept", before being prompted to the question raised by the host.

    poll 4
  • Select your answer, or answers (if it is a multiple-choice question) and click "vote" to submit your vote.

    poll 5

Platform Features Overview

In default view:

  1. Select your preferred language - Or select „none“ to hear the floor language
  2. Raise your hand to ask for the floor - Click on the green hand icon to request to take the floor and wait for approval
  3. Mic - Turn on/off the microphone
  4. Volume – Adjust audio volume
  5. Webcam - Turn on/off the webcam
  6. Screen sharing - Share the entire screen, application window or browser tab
  7. Full-screen mode - Enter/exit full-screen mode
  8. Event chat - Use, if available, to address all event participants, as well as see and download files that the meeting host has shared
  9. Stop streaming - Stop streaming, when finished speaking (does not disconnect you from the meeting)
  10. Restart All Lines - Refresh your connection, when experiencing audio/video issues (will disconnect and reconnect within approx. 2 seconds)
  11. Vote - Participate in polling, if available
  12. Private chat - Send a private message to individual participants
  13. Remote Support chat - Report technical issues to the remote support team directly
  14. Log out – Disconnect from the meeting
  15. Settings – Change audio and video settings. Click on the pencil icon next to your name to edit your name
  16. Active Speaker – Enabled by default, it shows a bigger image of the active speaker and all other speakers in smaller videos on the side 
  17. Enlarged Active Speaker - Select to see only one video, that of the active speaker

The meeting host can activate a timer, for example to inform you about a set time-frame to deliver your presentation. This will appear on the upper right corner, and you can close it by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner.

Timer for delegate

Technical support

If you require any technical support during the meeting, click on the chat icon

 (13) to send a direct message to the remote support team: