Which virtual events and meeting platforms does Interprefy work with?

Find out how Interprefy adds real-time interpreting to your preferred third-party platform to create a multi-language experience.

While most RSI platforms offer built-in language interpretation capabilities, with Interprefy Select, Interprefy goes one step further by adding interpreting to your preferred platform. 

This year alone, Interprefy has provided simultaneous interpretation for thousands of events held on over 90 different event platforms. Interprefy's leading RSI solution can be combined with any third-party web conferencing, streaming, or webcasting software.

We do so by bringing the original video and audio streams into our RSI platforms. Interpreters assigned to your event will then simultaneously interpret the speech via our interpreter console.

Want to see Interprefy in action on your chosen Platform?

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Interprefy Select options

From Interprefy's interpreter console, the live interpretation will be accessible for your attendees in one of three ways, depending on your selected platform and preferences:

From the meeting platform itself

From a language selector widget embedded in your meeting platform

Alongside your meeting platform, on a separate app

Seamless one-click access to interpretation through the Interprefy integration.

Examples: Zoom, Webex, MS Teams..

Audio language selector widget embedded within browser-based event platforms

Examples: ON24, Notified, Hopin, ..

Access to interpretation alongside any platform through the Interprefy mobile, web, or desktop app.

Examples: BlueJeans, GoToWebinar, ..

Integration in the platform, example in Zoom

Embedded in the platform, example in ON24

on24 live interpretation-min

Alongside the platform- separate app example web app

Alongside - separate app example mobile app

Official Interprefy platform partners

We're maintaining strong partnerships with many leading platform providers to ensure a fast, smooth and reliable multilingual event experience.

List of third-party virtual event and web conferencing platforms that have already partnered with Interprefy.

Last update: 7th June 2022

Click on the platform names below to learn more about the specifics of using your preferred platform with Interprefy.

Platform Options Platform relationship Captions Support
3D-VR Live Widget Official partner Yes
6Connex Widget Official partner Yes
10Times Widget    
Accelevents Widget Official partner Yes
Adobe Connect Widget Official partner  
AirMeet Widget Official partner  
Aventri Widget Official partner Yes
Avianet Widget Official partner  
Big Red Virtual Widget    
Bevy Widget Official partner  
Bizzabo Widget Official partner  
BlueJeans Desktop app, mobile app, web app Official partner Yes (mobile app)
Brella Widget Official partner Yes
Brightcove Widget   Yes
Cadence Widget Official partner  
Canapii Widget Official partner  
Chorus Call Widget    
Cloud Expo Widget    
Concise Chime Widget    
Cvent Widget Official partner Yes
D.ink Full integration    
Delegate Connect Widget    
Engagez Widget    
Entertainment Technology Partners Widget    
Eventfinity Widget    
EventMaker Widget   Yes
EventMix Widget    
Eventmobi Widget    
Eventtia Widget    
EventX Widget   Yes
GEVME Live Widget Official partner  
GoToMeeting Desktop app, mobile app, web app   Yes (mobile app)
GoToWebinar Desktop app, mobile app, web app Official partner Yes (mobile app)
Grip Widget Official partner  
Hopin Widget Official partner Yes
Hubb Widget    
Hubilo Widget Official partner Yes
InEvent Widget Official partner  
Jomablue Widget Official partner  
MeetingPlay Widget   Yes
Microsoft Teams Native Integration    
MootUp Widget   Yes
Notified Widget Official partner Yes
ON24 Widget Official partner Yes
Pathable Widget Official partner  
PGi Widget Official partner Yes
ScalePV Widget    
Silver Creek Media Widget    
SimuLyve Mobile App, Desktop App    
Socialive Widget    
SpotMe Widget Official partner  
Thevirtual.show Widget Official partner  
Touchcast Widget Official partner Yes
vBuzz Widget   Yes
Veertly  Widget Official partner Yes
vFairs Widget Official partner Yes
Virtual Hive Widget    
Webex Integration    
Webex Events (formerly Socio) Widget   Yes
Webinar.net Widget Official partner Yes
wtv. Widget Official partner  
Zenevent Widget Official partner  
Zoom Integration    
Zuddl Widget    


The list goes on as we're expanding our partner network. Please feel free to reach out to learn more about how we can add interpreting to your preferred platform.