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How does Interprefy work with Vimeo?

Interprefy can now support with live language interpretation for virtual events held on Vimeo.

  • Virtual events platform: Vimeo
  • Interprefy solution: Interprefy Select Mobile App / Web App


Inteprefy works alongside the Vimeo video platform and delivers remote real-time interpreting from professional conference interpreters. By removing the need for on-site equipment and eliminating interpreters' travel costs, Interprefy supports global enterprises with secure, accurate language translation from anywhere and makes meetings truly multilingual. 

How the solution works

We're bringing the live stream of your event on Vimeo into our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) platform, while the speech is ongoing. Interpreters working through Interprefy's interpreter soft console are watching and listening to the speaker, while simultaneously interpreting the speech and streaming their real-time interpretation to the Interprefy app.

How it works for event organizers and administrators

Request your interpreting services with Interprefy and create your event on the Vimeo platform. Interprefy will source the best interpreters for the required language combinations and topic expertise.

Once Interprefy has scheduled your event, you can simply share your Interprefy event access token and app download link or direct browser access link with your event attendees. Interprefy's technical support team will monitor the event and ensure a seamless multi-language experience.

How your attendees access live audio translation

Interprefy offers two interpretation access options for meetings or events held on Vimeo:

  • Mobile App - Attendees download the Interprefy app on their mobile and listen to live interpretation in their preferred language while following the visual content on their computer.
  • Web App - Attendees open a URL link that will start the Interprefy web app with a simple audio language selector in their browser. Once streaming audio, attendees then mute the original Vimeo application to follow interpreting audio in real-time alongside the meeting.