Interprefy Mobile App User Guide

How to access real-time interpreting using the Interprefy Mobile App

Please connect your smartphone to a reliable WiFi network.

1. Download and install the Interprefy app from the app store


mobile app download-1

2. Enter your event token and click «connect»

login screen live demo_iphonexrsilver_portrait

3. If two-factor authentication is active:

Enter your registered email address or mobile phone number (format: +41 79 1234567) to receive a verification code:

Enter the verification code that you have received either via email or text message (SMS) and click "submit":

4. The language access options available for your event, audio and/or captions, will appear

Please note, only the language access options available for your event will show when you log in. This means you might have access to only audio interpretation, captions, or both. 


5. Click on the headphone icon to select your preferred audio language

audio language options mobile app_iphonexrsilver_portrait


6. Click on the cc icon to select your preferred captioning language

Please note, this option is only available if captions are activated for your event.

captions language options mobile app_iphonexrsilver_portrait


When the session is finished, click the exit button on the top left corner to leave the session.


If «incoming Auto-volume » is selected, original floor sound will be audible, when audio translation is silent.

mobile app settings_iphonexrsilver_portrait