Does Interprefy support human captioning?

Yes, Interprefy can stream live captioning from human captioners to our platform. Learn how we do it.

Through the Interprefy platform we can stream live captions to your events and meetings anywhere. Users simply access live captioning from an Interprefy application:  from our widget in one of over 70 platforms, in a new browser window, in our mobile app, or in the meeting room of Interprefy Connect Pro.

Aside from automatic captions, we can also stream external captions from human captioners from a third-party captioning tool to our interfaces.

If you want human captions in an Interprefy event, we do this via an integration with the StreamText service. Therefore, you need employ the services of a captioner or captioning company (e.g. Caption First) with expertise in StreamText, and they will be responsible for setting up the StreamText service for your event. We do not provide or source human captioners as part of our services.

You will need to provide both the captioner/captioning company and the Interprefy PM for your event with relevant details for setting up events (e.g. dates, times, languages) and put them in touch with each other so they can exchange details for the technical set up.

This should be done one week before the event is scheduled to begin.

How it works

  1. A real-time captioner works on the third-party captioning / CART tool (Communication Access Realtime Translation) StreamText.
  2. The captioner will listen to speech and, using the captioning software StreamText to simultaneously transcribe, and/or translate all the speech to text.
  3. We can integrate a live captioning stream from StreamText into our audience-facing apps.
  4. Event attendees simply select their preferred language from a dropdown list of languages in Interprefy and captions will appear in real-time.

Please note

  • We do not source or provide captioners. If clients do not have their own in-house captioner teams, we recommend reaching out to CaptionFirst, a leading provider of certified real-time captioner (CRC) services.
  • We do support events with external captions, via the CART software StreamText only.
  • We do support events with StreamText captions on multiple (language) channels.
  • We do not set up the StreamText events/configuration: The caption provider will configure StreamText, and we coordinate with them to connect StreamText to Interprefy. 

What it looks like

In this example you can see automatic, machine-translated captions in the Interprefy widget in the event platform vFairs. ASR Captions and external captions from captioners are displayed in the same way.

vfairs-mt-captions 2-min