What does the Interprefy solution look like on third-party platforms?

Interprefy's RSI solution is integrated with over 70 meeting and event platforms to provide live language access.

Through Interprefy Select, we bring our interpreting and captioning services to your preferred meeting or event platform.

We partner with over 70 event platforms to embed a responsive iframe widget onto their platform, that can be flexibly displayed on the webcast page.

Interprefy Select language selector widget is easy to install and it can be placed anywhere in our partners' virtual event platforms.

The HTML widget can be embedded on the platform to enable one or multiple Interprefy services that event attendees can enable and disable at their own discretion:

  • Remote simultaneous interpretation
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Live closed captioning for multiple languages

Below is an example of what the Interprefy iframe widget, embedded on the ON24 online event platform:

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Attendees click on the headphone icon, select from the available languages and will simply need to mute the original video player. The audio from interpreters will start instantly.

on24 live interpretation-min

Sign Language Interpretation

By activating the 'Sign language' toggle, under the eye icon, users will see the video feed from a sign language interpreter.

ON24 asl-min

Live closed captioning

By selecting one of the available live captioning languages, captions will start to be generated and appear live on screen.

on24 live captions-min

Watch it in action

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