Working from a hub or booth on Interprefy 

Considerations for interpreters working from interpreting hubs, professional booths or from a remote location.

Increasingly interpreters are using traditional booths set up in studios, hubs or even a spare room, in order to be co-located with their booth partner, have access to a physical console or simply to mix working from home with a different location for a change of air. 

Interprefy’s interpreter console can be used in a wide variety of situations and settings, from a home office to a professional booth.

Below are some considerations to bear in mind in each situation: 

Working from home with your booth partner 

  1. If you and your booth partner are co-located in the same space, you can each follow the standard operating procedure, i.e. access Interprefy from your respective computers and connect your preferred headphones / headset with microphone. You will most likely skip the handover functions and simply turn your microphone on and off when you’re ready to switch. 
  2. You may find it more convenient for you and your booth partner to work on the same computer and tabletop microphone, and manually hand over the microphone between yourselves. In this case, while you can log on the platform as one interpreter from one computer and have one microphone, it is advisable that you connect to another computer as a passive interpreter to be able to listen to the original speech as well your booth partner, since the platform does not recognise two different headsets plugged into the same computer. Sharing one headphone is not advisable as it will create shuffling noises when passing the headphone back and forth, as well result in information loss during the act of passing the headphone to one another.  
  3. In both cases, please inform Interprefy’s Remote Support during the soundcheck, especially if you plan on sharing equipment, so they adjust the soundcheck procedure accordingly and know not to expect two different interpreters in a channel. Remote Support will also advise you on the best set up in case you are co-located.

Using Interprefy from home with a portable interpretation console 

  1. The controls from portable consoles like the Televic or Taiden consoles are not automatically matched to those of the Interprefy platform, therefore they cannot be used on the platform for now.  

Working from a physical booth or interpretation hub 

  1. If you and your partner have access to a physical booth / an interpretation hub you would be part of what we call a Hybrid event. Interprefy is fully prepared to adapt to a wide variety of Hybrid events, simply make sure you and your client informs your project manager and our team will coordinate the most appropriate set-up with the on-site booth technicians. 
  2. A hybrid set-up will most likely include additional equipment such as Interprefy’s RSI box, and our team will let you and your client know about the setup requirements of any additional software or hardware. 
  3. In the case of a Hybrid event, you will be able to use the physical booth console and will only receive the video feed from a computer or TV screen. Booth consoles are usually equipped with headsets; however, you are welcome to bring in your own. 
  4. During a Hybrid event you will be assisted by on-site technicians instead of our online technical support team, however, please allow additional time for set-up, preparation and soundchecks. 

Please inform Interprefy’s technical support of any changes in your usual set-up during the soundcheck. If you need (or choose to) change any parameter in your set-up once the event has started, please remember to inform Interprefy’s technical support (while acting as a passive interpreter) so they know what to expect and can react accordingly.