What languages can Interprefy AI translate from and to?

Interprefy AI can translate speech from and into AI-generated speech and captions in 80 languages. And the list keeps growing.

Last updated 28/05/2024

The Interprefy AI event translator can automatically translate speech in one language into speech in another language - in real-time.

In this article, you will find the full list of supported languages. 

Interprefy AI currently supports translation of speech from and into speech and captions in 80 languages. This includes all official UN languages, almost all official EU languages and the most spoken Asian languages.

To and from any of the following languages:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Albanian
  3. Amharic
  4. Arabic
  5. Armenian
  6. Azerbaijani
  7. Bengali
  8. Bosnian
  9. Bulgarian
  10. Burmese
  11. Catalan
  12. Chinese (Cantonese)
  13. Chinese (Mandarin)
  14. Chinese (Taiwan Mandarin)
  15. Croatian
  16. Czech
  17. Danish
  18. Dutch (Netherlands)
  19. Dutch (Belgium)
  20. English (Australia)
  21. English (United Kingdom)
  22. English (United States)
  23. Estonian
  24. Filipino
  25. Finnish
  26. French (Canada)
  27. French (France)
  28. Georgian
  29. German (Germany)
  30. German (Switzerland)
  31. Greek
  32. Gujarati
  33. Hebrew
  34. Hindi
  35. Hungarian
  36. Icelandic
  37. Indonesian
  38. Irish
  39. Italian
  40. Japanese
  41. Kannada
  42. Kazakh
  43. Khmer
  44. Korean
  45. Lao
  46. Latvian
  47. Lithuanian
  48. Macedonian
  49. Malay
  50. Malayalam
  51. Maltese
  52. Marathi
  53. Mongolian
  54. Nepali
  55. Norwegian
  56. Pashto
  57. Persian
  58. Polish
  59. Portuguese (Brazil)
  60. Portuguese (Portugal)
  61. Romanian
  62. Russian
  63. Serbian
  64. Sinhala
  65. Slovak
  66. Slovenian
  67. Somali
  68. Spanish (LATAM)
  69. Spanish (Spain)
  70. Swahili
  71. Swedish
  72. Tamil
  73. Telugu
  74. Thai
  75. Turkish
  76. Ukrainian
  77. Urdu
  78. Uzbek
  79. Vietnamese
  80. Welsh

In addition to these languages, Interprefy AI works also with these languages as follows:

Language Can we translate from speech in? Can we provide AI speech in? Can we provide AI captions in?
Assamese No No Yes
Bangla No Yes No
Basque Yes No No
Dari No No Yes
Fijian No No Yes
Galician Yes No No
Haitian Creole No No Yes
Hausa No No Yes
Hmong Daw No No Yes
Inuktitut No No Yes
Javanese Yes No No
Kurdish No No Yes
Malagasy No No Yes
Maori No No Yes
Odia No No Yes
Punjabi Yes No Yes
Queretaro Otomi No No Yes
Samoan No No Yes
Tahitian No No Yes
Tigrinya No No Yes
Tongan No No Yes
Yucatec Maya No No Yes
Zulu Yes No No


If the languages you need are not in these lists, please reach out to us