What is latency management?

Latency is a very short period of delay, between when an audio signal enters a system and when it emerges. Interprefy Remote Support Team manages it in hybrid events for a better user experience.

The Interprefy RSI platform has a near-zero transmission latency, as explained in this article. However, in hybrid events, because there is typically more than one audio feed (on-site venue feed and third-party online platforms feed), the audio feeds might not be synchronised and there can be a delay. 

To avoid the interpretation being heard by the remote audience before they see the speaker talking, Interprefy's Remote Support team can delay the interpretation from the original feed, so it is synchronized and the audience has a better experience.  In the event of a hybrid event then, we will provide both the original feed for the onsite audience and the additional delayed feed for the remote audience connecting on 3rd party platform.