What is the sound delay between the speaker and the interpretation with Inteprefy's RSI?

Latency is a very short period of delay, between when an audio signal enters a system and when it emerges. The Interprefy platform has near-zero transmission latency.

The delay in Interprefy's platform is below 0.2s and unnoticeable, so no different from any event where interpreting would take place in person.

Interprefy's platform is hosted in the cloud, with software installed on a network of multiple redundant servers deployed around the world. Such distributed cloud set-up with an extensive global network of servers has advantages in comparison to local installation:

  • it allows much higher reliability
  • it has a lower delay
  • it provides a higher quality of audio and video transmission.

In a nutshell, Interprefy joins the broadcast, the audio signal enters Interprefy's platform, interpreters listen to the speaker with no delay and interpret in a different language.

The interpreter usually renders the spoken translation of the source message within 5 seconds, which is how long it takes the human brain to process information, according to industry standards. The attendee receives the interpretation at the same time as the speaker is talking, with no more delay than they will receive the sound in an on-site event.