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What is Interprefy Select?

Interprefy Select is the world's first global solution that allows you to add real-time interpreting to any meeting, event, or streaming platform.

In addition to Interprefy's industry-leading stand-alone remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) platform, Interprefy Select offers the flexibility of adding real-time interpreting from professional conference interpreters to any meeting and event, on any web conferencing, virtual events or live streaming platform (e.g. Zoom, Webex, GoToWebinar etc.). To provide event participants with a truly multilingual event experience.

We offer 3 different ways of accessing remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), depending on the platform you are using and the type of meeting or event you are having: 

Directly from the meeting platform:

Seamless one-click access to interpretation through the Interprefy integration.

Example: Zoom


Embedded in your meeting platform: 

We are partnering with leading providers of virtual event solutions to offer a truly multilingual experience directly embedded within your selected platform. Especially useful for events held in browser-based 3rd party platforms. 

Check the latest list of supported platforms here.

Example in ON24:

On24_Interprefy_WIDGET (1)

Alongside your meeting platform, on a separate app:

Participants connect to the event on their laptops or mobile devices and listen to real-time interpreting on their iPhone or Android smartphones via the Interprefy mobile app, or directly on a browser: 

  • Works alongside any virtual streaming platform.
  • Simple installation for Windows and iOS users.
  • Users access the event and interpreting on the same desktop device.
  • The app automatically switches computer audio when the interpreter is speaking in the selected language.

mobile app shadow