Interprefy Aivia FAQ

Interprefy Aivia is Interprefy's AI-powered solution that delivers real-time AI-translated speech and captions in over 3000 language combinations in any event.

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Interprefy Aivia. 

Where can I use Interprefy Aivia?

Interprefy Aivia can be used in any one-to-many communication scenarios that take place online, in-person, or a mixture of both. 

In one-to-many communication scenarios, a speaker or multiple speakers communicate to an audience without verbal interaction from the audience. These scenarios can include webinars, training sessions, conferences, town halls, or product presentations, among others.

What languages can Interprefy Aivia provide translated speech and captions in?

Interprefy Aivia can currently translate in over 3000 language combinations. The full lists of languages it can translate from and to can be found here

What do I need to access Interprefy Aivia during my next event?

All you need is an audio output for your audience to listen to the AI-translated speech or to read the AI captions. Interprefy Aivia can be accessed through any laptop, desktop, or mobile device (web link or via Interprefy's mobile app), and also on IR and radio receivers as well as on-stage screens. 

In which web meeting platforms is Interprefy Aivia available in?

Inteprefy Aivia is available in Inteprefy Connect, Connect Pro, and over 70 other meeting platforms including MS Teams, Zoom, ON24, and Webex. Check the full list here

What do I need to set up Interprefy Aivia?

All you need to do to get Interprefy Aivia for your next event is to contact Interprefy with the date of your event(s), the language of your event and the list of languages you need AI-translated speech and/or captions into and our team will take care of the rest.