What is the limit of enabled video streams in Connect (Pro)?

The maximum amount of simultaneously shown videos in any Connect or Connect Pro meeting is 8.

While having big amounts of video streams shown in a grid during a meeting can nurture a sense of "being in one room", this amount poses a few risks:

  • Meeting connectivity - The main concern being that individuals' internet bandwidth and computing power may not be able to cope with the high amounts of streams and may lead to connection problems or even frozen screens.
  • Interpretation flow - In a meeting with simultaneous interpretation, interpreters require a clear speech by one person at a time only. In order to avoid multiple people talking at the same time or interrupting the speaker, it is advisable to reduce the amount of simultaneous video streams to as few as necessary and make full use of the raise-hand feature to control floor access.

In order to secure an uninterrupted conversation, Interprefy's platform gives preferred treatment to audio over video and sets limits to the amount of simultaneous streams.

Connection limits

Generally, the more users are connected to a session, the fewer streams are advised. The maximum amount of enabled video streams in Connect or Connect Pro is 8, not including shared screens.

The number of connections is currently limited to 3,000 per channel. This is calculated by multiplying “number of audio or video streams on the channel” by “number of users connected to that channel”.