What is the Interpreters' Approval process?

Interprefy has a comprehensive Approval process which includes an online course, one-to-one live training sessions and continuous performance evaluation

Acquiring Approval status

All interpreters that work on Interprefy's remote simultaneous interpreting platform, whether provided by our LSP partners, by the client or independently, need to be Interprefy Approved. This is achieved by completing Interprefy's Interpreter Platform Training and meeting all equipment requirements.

Interpreter Platform TrainingThe aim of Interpreter Platform Training is for interpreters to complete “How to Interprefy! Platform use for Interpreters” online course and, with the guidance of a Training Specialist, test the most important functions on Interprefy platform during a one-hour live session together with a booth partner.

Once the interpreter has completed the Interpreter Platform Training and their equipment has been tested by one of our trainers, interpreters are able to synchronize their working methods for the future events and become Interprefy Approved.

Maintaining Approval status

As an interpreter, you can keep your status after successful participation on meetings or events powered by Interprefy for a period of six months following Approval date.

Upon each event, our remote support team provides a report regarding the interpreter's performance on the platform. Events and training reports form the basis of the Interpreter's Approval Journey to assure that interpreters are familiar with the most updated version of the platform and guarantee that the equipment and sound quality is still at the highest level.

Approval journey 2022

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Approval

  • I was Approved, but I haven’t worked with Interprefy over the past six months. What should I do to renew my approval?

If you are using the same equipment that was tested during the live training and events, you can retake the online course “How to Interprefy! Platform use for Interpreters” to renew your Approval status for a further period of six months. This is completely free of charge.

If your equipment changed during this time and hasn’t been tested with us, once you have completed e-learning course, you can book an Equipment Testing with a Training Specialist to make sure it performs well on our platform.

  • My equipment wasn’t approved after my live training session. I changed my headset, but it’s not one from the recommended list. How can I change my status?

Since your new equipment couldn’t be tested on the live session by our Training Specialist, you’ll go through the soundcheck with the remote support team on the day of your event. They will give you feedback on your sound quality to ensure everything is working smoothly.

If you need more assistance with the setup of your new equipment or would like to test it before your event, you can book an additional Equipment Testing with someone from our team.

  • I was not able to get an Ethernet cable before my event. How can I change my status to Approved?

As Ethernet cable is one of our main requirements to guarantee all events have the most stable connection, please notify one of our Training Specialists or someone from our team as soon as you acquire one. We’ll make sure to update your information and amend your approval status.