What is Interprefy Remote Support?

To ensure consistent quality and reliability, our team of experienced Remote Support technicians will help set up Interprefy and monitor the interpretation experience throughout.​

In this article, we've highlighted the many challenges of successfully hosting multilingual meetings and events. To ensure everything runs smoothly in the background, while your participants can enjoy stunning real-time interpretation, Interprefy assigns dedicated remote support technicians to your interprefied events.

The Remote Support Team is:

  • A dedicated support team of dozens of experienced support technicians in multiple countries
  • Available 24/7, 365 days 
  • Present in all interprefied events to ensure the quality of your event

The RS team always provides support: 

  • Before the event: an hour before the event starts, the RS team connects logs in and connects with interpreters to check connections and setup. They also create an immediate communication channel with the customer to address any last minute concerns.
  • During the event: The RS team monitors performance and provides technical assistance to interpreters. For events held on Interprefy's own platform, Interprefy Connect Pro, the RS team also provides live support for delegates and participants.

The number of RS technicians at an event depends on the number of languages offered. The more languages, the more technicians the event will require. 

Thanks to the Interprefy Remote Support Team, participants and organisers need not worry about finding solutions to technical challenges during the event. Event participants only need to make sure that they have a stable internet connection, a working USB headset and a PC or laptop.