What is Interprefy project management?

All Interprefied events include project management. Your dedicated project manager will coordinate your multilingual event requirements from start to finish.

After your event is confirmed, it will be reviewed by an Operations Manager who will assign the best suited Project Manager and Remote Support for your event needs. Besides coordinating your multilingual event requirements from start to finish, your project manager will also provide you with relevant instructions and materials and they'll be the person to clarify any concerns you may have to make your event a success.

Your project manager will:

  • coordinate your technical requirements with the event's IT/AV specialists and/or event platform partner;
  • provide advice and materials on technical readiness;
  • create the Interprefy sessions;
  • source interpreters or request trainings for your interpreting teams with our Training and Engagement Specialists;
  • create glossaries for Interprefy AI;
  • schedule and perform a 1-hour technical test a few days before the event;
  • book additional, paid Dry runs with interpreters;
  • and ensure everything is in order to deliver the best possible service to you.

Check out the video below to learn how our project management team helps one of our clients.