What does an operations manager do?

Every Interprefied request is reviewed by an Operations Manager who will assign the best suited Project Manager and Remote Support for your event needs.

An Operations Manager is in charge of allocating resources within Operations and Client Delivery department. This involves allocating training specialists to different training requests and allocating Project Managers, Media team members and Remote Support to requests thus monitoring the request flow.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring a smooth life cycle of a request by allocating appropriate resources for each respective phase.
  • Estimating the scope of the project accordingly and make sure that the needs of each client are matched with the appropriate skillset that has been determined by heads of departments.
  • Checking available reports and personal schedules and make sure that the workload is distributed equally.
  • Working closely with Sales, Project Management, Remote Support, Training and Engagement and Media Team to understand processes and contribute to their optimization when needed · Be on standby in relevant groups and channels on rotation.
  • Planning ahead and make sure that all last-minute requests can be covered.
  •  Managing the Remote Support’s shift plan.
  • Keeping up with the product developments.
  • Making sure that the communication between different teams runs smoothly and that information is transparent.

Check out how the operations manager helps one of our clients with their events in the video below: