Video functionality on the interpreter's soft console

An explanation of the video function on Interprefy's platform to help you interpret with confidence.

As long as the Floor/Source is transmitting video or sharing their screen you will be able to see a video feed on the video screen of your soft console. 

The video screen allows you to:

  • monitor all video feeds simultaneously and focus on the one you need the most;
  • view screen shares;
  • view speakers.

Video stream functions: 

  1. Change feed - To switch between video feeds. Click on it to make that image bigger and make it appear on the main video screen (5).
  2. Toggle Video -  To switch the entire video screen on and off.
  3. Slow down - To send a message to the host and moderator requesting that the speaker slows down: 
  4. Hide video - To disable that individual video feed on your end.
  5. Main video screen - Enlarged image of the selected video or screen-share. 
  6. Video quality selector -  To change the quality of the video. It reduces bandwidth use and can be helpful in the event of poor internet connection.
  7. Active speaker display -  Enabled by default. It automatically switches the video feeds to always show the person speaking. 
  8. Move video to a new window - To open the video in a new browser window.  This will use more bandwidth as the new window counts as another video feed. 
  9. Full-screen - To enlarge the main video screen. This will change the platform overview as explained in this article