Keyboard shortcuts for interpreters using Interprefy's platform

A summary of the keyboard shortcuts available on the interpreter's soft console.

These commands are recommended only for interpreters who already feel comfortable working on Interprefy's RSI platform.

You will be able to mute/unmute yourself and change languages and volume as follows:

  • CTRL + Space: Press to turn off/on your microphone (For Windows users)
  • COMMAND + Space: Press to turn off/on your microphone (For macOS users)
  • Space: Hold it to mute yourself, release to unmute. This is a shortcut for the "Cough" button. 
  • Arrow Keys: use them to change the language channels when relay is set:
    • Up and down arrows change 'INCOMING' language channel.
    • Left and right arrows change the 'OUTGOING' language channel.
    • ALT+Up/Down arrows raise and lower down incoming speaker volume.