Interprefy Now FAQ

Interprefy Now allows meeting organisers to run multilingual in-person meetings without any audiovisual equipment, just mobile phones. Find here the answers to the most common questions about Interprefy Now.

What is Interprefy Now?

Interprefy Now is a product that makes in-person meetings of up to 30 people, multilingual through your mobile phone, using the Interprefy app. It provides instant, AI-powered live translation (audio and captions) for face-to-face meetings so that attendees can listen and speak in their preferred language. 

Do I need special equipment?

No, all you need to make your in-person meetings multilingual with Interprefy Now is a mobile phone for each attendee. 

Why do I need Interprefy Now?

If you've ever needed to communicate with people who speak a language different than yours in professional, in-person scenarios and don't have:

- in-house interpreters;

- the ability to source and pay for in-person interpreters;

- audiovisual equipment for remote simultaneous interpretation;

- time to turn your meeting into a longer meeting using consecutive interpretation

Then Interprefy Now is for you. 

Does Interprefy Now have captions?

Yes, and by default. Interprefy Now will always provide captions in the language you require.

Can I scroll back through the captions on Interprefy Now?

Yes. You can go back through and remind yourself of what somebody said.

What happens when two people speak at the same time?

Interprefy Now will not let two microphones go live at the same time. Only one person at a time can capture the microphone and speak to the rest of the participants. You need to follow good meeting protocol and take turns. Interprefy Now helps enforce good working practices because it is essential for great translation.

Is Interprefy Now a separate app to the Interprefy Mobile App?

No. Interprefy Now runs as part of the same Interprefy app that you can use to provide interpretation and captions as an audience member at conferences, presentations and events of all kinds. That way we save you space on your mobile. 

However, the two forms of operation are completely separate. Settings in one mode for example are not applied to the other.

Can I listen on my phone’s earpiece?

Yes, you can hold your phone to your ear just like you would in a telephone conversation.

Can I listen on my headphones?

Yes. Interprefy Now will work on headphones. Open back headphones (acoustically transparent ones) are best. Earbuds make great headphones for this and you will find that it works well if only one is used.

Can I listen on my phone’s loudspeaker?

No. To prevent acoustic feedback, that high-pitched painful whistle that PA systems sometimes make, the loudspeaker on your phone is disabled.

Does everyone need to run the app?

Yes. Interprefy Now is based on each person attending the meeting, or taking part in the conversation, running the app.

Do I have to select my preferred language each time I use Interprefy Now?

No. Once you have told Interprefy Now what language you prefer, it remembers.

Can I use Interprefy Now on my PC?

No. Interprefy Now is a mobile app only.

Can I use Interprefy Now with the rest of the Interprefy Platform’s different user interfaces?


Does every user have to be in the same physical space?

Yes. Interprefy Now is designed for face-to-face interaction such as multilingual meetings, training, coaching, and demonstrations.

Does Interprefy Now provide any facilities for the hard of hearing?

Yes, Interprefy Now always displays captions in your preferred language.

Does someone have to tell Interprefy Now which language is being spoken?

No. Interprefy Now knows from your set preferred language which language you are going to speak.

What happens if I change language halfway through my sentence?

Interprefy Now expects you to stay with the language that you have set as your preference. If you change languages halfway through, the AI interpretation will go wrong. 

Does Interprefy Now record our conversation?

No, not yet. That could be a future feature if customers want it but for now, no recording is made.

Does Interprefy Now provide transcriptions?

No, not yet. That could be a future feature if customers want it but for now, no transcriptions are made.

Can I use Interprefy Now for roundtable meetings?

Yes. Assuming a reasonable sized round table with up to around 30 people so that everyone can still hear and see each other then yes.

Can I use Interprefy Now for negotiations?

Yes. In fact, because the translation is more of a verbatim account and less of a summary like human interpretation can be, Interprefy Now makes for a good tool in this scenario.

Can I use Interprefy Now for making a sales pitch?

Yes. Because Interprefy Now allows everyone to still look each other in the eye and read body language it makes for a very comfortable sales tool building trust between partners.

Can I use Interprefy Now for practical training?

Yes. Interprefy Now makes a great tool when people need to be able to do practical things in a close situation like where a process is being demonstrated. It helps if participants where headphones or earbuds. Open-back headphones are suitable.

Can I use Interprefy Now for guided tours?

Yes. Interprefy Now makes an excellent tool for tour guides that must deal with groups of people who speak several different languages. Not only can you be understood by your party, but they can ask you questions too.

Can I use Interprefy Now to talk to my team?

Yes, of course. Interprefy Now allows you to communicate with an international team face-to-face with everyone using their preferred language.