How to perform a handover on Interprefy's interpreter's console

A detailed explanation of the handover command to help you interpret with confidence.

The handover functionality allows interpreters on the same language channel to switch interpreting turns during an event in an easy, seamless way. This option works the same way in the default and full-screen layouts.

Two rules to guarantee a handover without downtime or overlap:

  1. Interpreters need to be in the same outgoing language channel.
  2. There should always be one active (unmuted) and one passive (muted) interpreter.

If both you and your interpreting partner are simultaneously unmuted, the 'handover box will turn red and flash:


Inteprefy's interpreter's soft console allows both the active and inactive interpreters to perform handovers in two ways: 


Handover 'NOW'

This is an immediate request for a takeover. Use it when you want to swap with your partner as soon as possible. 

When you are the active interpreter and you click 'Request', your partner receives the following message:

  • The inactive interpreter then clicks "Decline" to reject the handover request or, 
  • They'll click "Unmute" to accept the handover request. This will unmute their microphone. They  must remain silent and start interpreting once you (current active interpreter) have stopped talking or muted yourself. You can mute either by clicking the "Mute" button, or the microphone icon, either of them concludes the handover. 

Until your partner responds, you will see the following message:

You will know that your partner has accepted the handover request when you see this message:

Once you see the visual indicators that show that your partner has accepted the handover request:

  1. Stop interpreting at the next pause
  2. Mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon


The platform now allows the passive interpreter to initiate the handover. When the inactive interpreter requests a handover, the platform will:

  • unmute the interpreter who requested the handover,
  • display both the notification and countdown to the currently active partner, and
  • mute the active interpreter once the time expires, if they haven't muted themselves first. 


If your partner cancels the handover request, you will see the following notification:


Handover 'LATER'

This function allows you to schedule the handover for later. This is especially useful if you agree with your interpreting partner to swap after interpreting for a certain period of time. 

Click the timer icon and the platform will ask you to select, in minutes, how long until the handover takes place. 

Your partner will then receive the message below asking to confirm your request:

Once your partner accepts the request, both of you will see a synchronized countdown:


This countdown can be cancelled by either you or your partner at any time. 

Once the countdown reaches the last 30 seconds, the "Unmute" button is visibly orange and clickable. Click on it to make the handover effective.

If your interpreting partner doesn’t unmute themselves within the last 30 seconds, the request expires and the handover is cancelled.  

Once you've unmuted yourself, your partner will follow the steps explained under 'Handover NOW' section. 

Handover explainer video