How to create polls and votes

A step-by-step guide to hosting live polls during Interprefy Connect Pro events.


  • Available for Interprefy Connect Pro events
  • Event hosts can create single or multiple-choice surveys with up to 25 answers per question
  • Event hosts can collect anonymous responses from the audience
  • Polling reports can be published to audience during event
  • Polling reports can be provided as CSV files after event

1. Event moderator: Event setup in the Interprefy Event Management Interface

During the event creation, the event moderator will need to

  • Select default speaker interface: Connect Pro (Classroom)
  • Go to "Speaker and Interpreter settings" and tick the box Enable polling

2. Event host: How to create a poll

Once activated, the event host will log into the meeting, using the S-token along with the provided host password on a desktop computer. Hosts will now see the "Vote" section in the event interface, located next to the event chat.

  • Select your question type:
    • single answer
    • multiple answers

polls 1

  • Type your question and add possible answers. You can click "add more" to add up to 25 answers to each poll.

poll 2

  • Click "done" when you're ready to publish your poll.
  • A pop-up window will appear, asking you to start the voting. Confirm by clicking "start". The event participants will now be able to engage in the survey.
poll 3

3. Event participants: How to engage in a poll

Located next to the event chat, event participants will now see the "vote" section.

  • In order to engage in the poll, each participant will need to click "accept", before being prompted to the question raised by the host.

poll 4

  • The question and available answers are now visible and participants can select their respective answer or answer(s).

poll 5

4. Event host: publishing results

  • At any point, you can choose to stop your survey and publish the results to the audience, by clicking "publish" underneath the voting results overview.

poll 6

  • Event participants will now be able to see the results:

poll 7

5. Exporting results from Event Management Interface

The voting results can be exported in .csv file format from the event archive within the Interprefy Event Management Interface, containing the following data:


  • Votes
  • Type of vote
  • Questions
  • Options
  • Participants
  • Voted participants