How much does remote simultaneous interpreting cost?

Interprefy provides tailor-made quotes that consist of RSI technology and the managed services costs required to make any meeting and event truly multilingual.

RSI technology is booming but each meeting is different. We can cater to any event type - be it online, on-site or hybrid.  When it comes to the cost associated with an "Interprefied" event, these are the three main items: technology fees, interpreting rates, and professional services, such as technical support and project management.

Technology fees

Several variables are taken into account to calculate the cost of your RSI event, including the following:

  • RSI solution: Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the setup
  • Number of attendees requiring interpretation
  • Duration of the event
  • Location: depending on whether the meeting is fully online, on-site, or hybrid, needs for equipment and support will vary.

Interpreter rates

We can source and vet the best match of professional conference interpreters for you. The cost will depend on: 

  • Number of languages required
  • Language combinations
  • Duration of event and sessions

Professional services

Interprefy provides dedicated managed services such as project support, to ensure you work with a partner with experience from over 30,000 multilingual events. We provide:

  • Project management: Interprefy assigns a dedicated Project Manager to each event to handle all the logistics of organizing interpretation and platform set-up before the event.
  • Technical remote support throughout the event
  • Recordings of your event upon request
  • Equipment