How does Interprefy support RTMP Streaming?

Designed to enable sharing or broadcasting of language channels from an event across the Internet, RTMP Streaming is available on the Interprefy platform.

Introduction to Interprefy RTMP Streaming 

RTMP Streaming is a new feature for the Interprefy platform. This is designed to enable sharing or broadcasting of language channels from an event across the internet. It is currently available as a sound-only capability. Please also note that the Interprefy platform cannot itself broadcast the content. The feature is designed to deliver a stream to another system which then provides the broadcast or distribution function.  

What is RTMP? 

RTMP stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol. It is a protocol commonly used for streaming media (audio, video or audio plus video) across the internet. In other words, it is the internet equivalent of the sound and video cables that you might once have used to connect a set-top box to a television taking the streaming media from Interprefy for use by another software system.  

Who will use the RTMP stream? 

Essentially, this is a function provided for audio engineers and internet technicians. It is very easy to use for those with expertise in this area requiring only a URL and code to make a connection.  

What does it stream? 

Currently, the RTMP feed carries the interpreter’s voice. These language feeds do not carry the Floor-fill and if a composite feed containing both interpreter and floor sound is needed, then this must be mixed externally.  

Can I record the stream? 

Yes, you can do whatever can be done with an RTMP feed. This includes the external recording. 

Where does the RTMP feed come from? 

The RTMP feed comes from the Interprefy platform’s cloud presence.  

How do I connect? 

You will need a Stream URL and a Stream Key. 

Is RTMPS supported? 

No. RTMPS is a secure version of RTMP. Currently, this version of the protocol is not supported. 

Can RTMP be streamed into the Interprefy platform? 

No. This would be a completely different feature, so for clarity; RTMP is currently fed from the Interprefy platform and there is no support to receive external media using RTMP. 

Can I see an example where this has been used?

Sure! Check this event and the comments section with details on our broadcast of 4 language channels into the event across the internet.  


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