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What is the difference between Interprefy Connect and Connect Pro?

A summary of the key differences between Interprefy's Connect and Connect Pro solutions.

As well as tapping into third-party web conferencing platforms, Interprefy provides a turnkey web conferencing platform for hosting multilingual multi-language online conferences. Within this platform there are two products:

  • Connect - For multilingual web conferencing with equal speaking rights.
  • Connect Pro - For classroom-style multilingual web conferencing with a meeting host governing access to the floor. Speakers need to raise their hand and be granted floor access by the host in order to be unmuted.

Side-by-side comparison Connect and Connect Pro


Connect Pro


Multilingual web conferencing

Browser app access

Mobile app access

Max. active participants 



Max. audience



Unlimited number of languages

Raise-hand feature


Meeting host role


Polling & voting


Pre-call test

2-Factor authentication

Active directory integration

AES 256-bit audio and video stream encryption

Meeting recordings available

Remote technical support during event

Supports captions