Chat functionality on the interpreter's soft console

An explanation of the chat options on Interprefy's platform to help you interpret with confidence.


There are 3 types of chats available to the interpreter: 

  • Interpreting partner chat
  • Event chat
  • Remote support help chat

The chat windows will display notifications of unread messages. They will go away when you hover over them with your mouse:

Interpreting partner chat

For direct messages between interpreters in the same language. Visible by the technical support team and the interpreters on that language chat. 

Please note:

Each outgoing language has its own chat. Changing your outgoing language will change chat channels.

1. Current language chat - indicates the language chat you are in.

2. Partner's information - indicates how many partners there are in your language chat and their names.

3. Microphone state - indicates if your partner(s) is muted or transmitting.

4. Pre-defined chat messages -sent automatically when selected. It saves you time, especially when you are interpreting and need to do communicate with a partner(s). 

Event Chat

This is a public chat which means it is available for all to see, including speakers, participants, remote support, and interpreters.

Depending on the event type, the meeting organizers can use this chat to make some general announcements or ask questions to participants.

Remote Support may also use this chat if the message is directed for all interpreters. 

1. Reduces the size of the event chat and increases the size of the interpreting partner chat. Click it again to reset both to their default size 

2. Enable/Disable audible notifications for all chats

3. Change font size

4. Pre-defined chat messages sent automatically when selected 

By default this chat is read-only, so interpreters can see it but cannot write on it. 

Remote Support Help Chat

Located at the bottom right corner of the platform.

For emergencies, communicate directly and privately with a member of the Remote Support team.


This chat is only available if your event has remote support available. 

Indicates chat is available
Indicates chat is not available
Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 12.50.12 PM Indicates you have a new message

This chat is the best method to call the attention of Remote Support in case of emergency as they will be notified both visually as well as audibly. This is how the Remote support chat looks like:

1. Change font size.

2. Click to close chat.

3. Pre-defined chat messages, sent automatically when selected.

When Remote Support sends you a private message, the Help Chat will turn red and start flashing:

Remote chat flash