Can you record my meeting or event?

On-demand, we will record your sessions and provide you with the video and audio files after the event.

We provide end-to-end support for on-site, hybrid, and remote events through our interpretation support and professional services departments. 

Our support covers two main areas:

  • project management: assistance before an event. 
  • event support: remote monitoring during an event, on-site support (setting up equipment), hardware support, liaising with audio/visual providers, and media services, like recording, for later use.

When requested prior to the event, we can record your meeting or event, including the interpretation. These are the different types of recordings we can provide you with:

  • Raw recording: Source in MP4, other languages in MP3. You get the raw recording to edit it however you like. 
  • Edited recording: Depending on the event type and interpretation provided, we can cut files into sessions, remove breaks and create separated audio and video files, or manually put languages over the source or relay. 

Please note, delivery times range from 48 hours to 5 working days and depend on the type of recording you need. Recordings require written permission from the client and need to be requested before the event.