Can I use MT captions in multilingual meetings?

Machine-translated (MT) captions can currently be used to allow speakers to understand each other in meetings where 2 languages are spoken.

A multilingual meeting is where speakers need to interact with each other in real time, yet talk in different languages. For example, Japanese speakers wishing to talk with English speakers, in an interactive discussion, each using their own language. 

Interprefy can provide MT captions in such meetings in the cases where two languages are spoken. This allows the speakers to follow each other via reading the captions. The meeting (or event) must be reasonably disciplined though, with people talking in turn and modest gaps left before each person starts speaking. It is also best that each speaker sticks with using just one language throughout the event, that no one changes language during the event.

For meeting where 3 or more languages are spoken, Interprefy is working to offer a similar solution, so if this is what you would like, please talk to us.