Can I get the captions of my event in a file?

Yes, if your event has captions enabled, we can provide you with an SRT file of your captions upon request.

When captions are enabled in an event and subject to prior request, we can provide you with the captions of your event.

Captions can be provided as follows:

  • Raw captions: You will get an SRT file to edit them however you like. The start time of the raw captions file is when the first speaker starts talking and the captions start running. 
  • Edited captions:  If the event has one-way interpretation and captions, we can edit them fully and synchronize languages and the SRT file over the video. You will be provided with the video of your event with the interpretation languages synchronized over the original and a separate SRT file with the captions.  These captions will show a start time synchronized to match the start of the recording. 

Please note, turnaround times range from 48 hours to 7 working days and depend on the type of recording you need.

FAQ about caption files

How will I receive the caption files?

By default, we will provide you with a  raw SRT file of your captions. If your event had one-way interpretation, you can request edited captions prior to the event. 

Can I have edited captions if the event wasn't interpreted?

No, edited captions are only available if the event had one-way interpretation. 

When is the start time for an SRT file and can it be adjusted? 

The raw SRT file start time will be when the first person starts talking and the captions start running (which is not in sync with the eg. recording start time). If you want your captions to be sync with the recording start time, we can provide an edited recording. Please, request it prior to your event. 

What does an SRT file look like?

00:01:35,679 --> 00:01:37,378
Well, there are two things I want to say about that

00:01:37,478 --> 00:01:41,455
One is that when I talk about this my concern

00:01:41,555 --> 00:01:45,140
is that you understand what I mean

00:01:45,240 --> 00:01:48,525
and that you trust what I'm telling you too

Can we support other formats such as VTT?

We can convert SRT file to VTT. But if you want a VTT file because of the additional metadata it contains (that SRT doesn't) we cannot produce that at the moment.