Can I deliver interpretation to a PA system?

If you have a boardroom or venue with participants who want to listen to interpretation via the loudspeakers in the room, Interprefy can help.

There may be occasions when an event organiser would like to broadcast the audio interpretation over the venue sound system, rather than attendees listening via Interprefy mobile app or other personal receivers. For example, when you have a training and the remote presenter is speaking in English but the audience are all Chinese speakers, sitting in the same boardroom, it may be more practical to hear the interpretation through the loudspeakers.

How do I send the interpretation to the PA system?

1. Connect the audio feed from a laptop set on an Interprefy language channel to the PA system.

2. Show the video of the remote presenter on screen with his audio replaced by that of an interpreter or the AI-generated audio translation.


How to deliver RSI to a PA system diagram


When the audience needs to participate with interventions or questions in English, the interpreter working on the Interprefy RSI platform will move from the English channel (or the channel of the audience) to the channel of the language of the remote presenter, ensuring that the audience hear only their own content in the room whilst the remote speaker listens to the interpreter in their own language. For AI-speech translation, our remote support team will take care of all the logistics in the backend. 

Please note, as this interpretation will be audible throughout the event space, it would not be suitable when the presenter is on stage in the room, as hearing the interpretation through the speakers when addressing the audience in another language would be too distracting. For this situation, we recommend the audience use the Interprefy mobile app or traditional interpretation receivers. 

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