Can I access Interprefy if my company has strict Firewall Security?

Yes, Interprefy can be accessed from any location on any mobile, desktop or Mac device.

If you are accessing interpretation from a company computer, the interpretation might get blocked by an internal firewall which restricts access to certain web addresses or domains.  

In order to access interpretation from Interprefy, you may need to work with your internal security team to ensure the firewall isn’t blocking the audio signal. The following ports should be open: 

TCP port 443 and UDP 3478:

For the best possible experience with WebRTC, we strongly recommend opening UDP ports 1025 – 65535 or at least part of this range. All WebRTC solutions require a large UDP range to be opened to function well.

Please note, the ports only accept inbound traffic after an outbound request is sent. Also, the connection is bidirectional but it's always initiated from the corporate network/client so it is not possible for an external entity to send malicious traffic in the opposite direction.

If access can still not be obtained, ports to * and * must be opened. If your IT department still cannot open the firewall to these domains, please contact your Interprefy Project Manager who will be able to supply a list of IP addresses to be opened. 

UDP ports 1025 – 65535 are also recommended to be opened since real-time traffic prefers UDP. This is common for all WebRTC solutions. Other domains to check are: 

  • (used for external JS libraries, websockets)
  • (used for loading of static files, partners logo for example)
  • * (telecom provider domain)
  • *   (telecom provider domain)
  • *