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How does Interprefy work with RingCentral (formerly Hopin)?

Interprefy has partnered up with RingCentral to offer real-time interpreting for multilingual virtual events held on the RingCentral platform.


Interprefy's real-time communication solution connects multilingual audiences for large-scale RingCentral events or webinars in a few simple steps. By removing the need for on-site equipment and eliminating interpreters' travel costs, Interprefy supports global enterprises with secure, accurate language translation from anywhere.

How the solution works

When the event starts, Interprefy brings the live stream of your event on RingCentral into its Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) platform. Meanwhile, interpreters working on Interprefy's interpreter soft console are watching and listening to the speaker while translating in real-time. Their real-time interpretation of the speech is then streamed to the Interprefy language selector widget on the RingCentral platform.  Find out more about RingCentral simultaneous interpretation.


Interprefy_widget tech setup_shadow

How it works for event organizers and administrators

Request live translation from Interprefy for your upcoming multilingual event on RingCentral. Once Interprefy has scheduled your event,  you can simply embed the Interprefy HTML iframe widget into your webcast page and position it next to the video stream. Your event will then display a language selection droplist and be ready to provide real-time interpreting to your audience in the language of their choice.   

How to integrate Interprefy into RingCentral


Find out how to add Interprefy to your RingCentral events at the RingCentral Help Center:

Guide to add Interprefy in your RingCentral account

Please note as of 7th October 2022 the Hopin widget integration has been updated to an SDK version and any links added will need to use the following link structure:


Please also note that the mute-the-floor function is currently not available on Sessions. 

If customers wish to use Sessions within Hopin (rather than Stages) we recommend one of the following options to mute the audio from the speakers:

  1. Mute the speakers individually
  2. Use Interprefy in a new browser tab via an audience link, muting the Hopin tab
  3. Use the Interprefy mobile app and listen to interpretation via a mobile device

How your attendees access live audio translation

Your event participants join the event on the RingCentral platform and select their preferred audio language from the embedded Interprefy widget. Alternatively, they can download the Interprefy app and enter the login token provided by the event organizer.

An interpreter will deliver all spoken content in the language selected by the attendee. 

What it looks like

Customer Story

How the Virtual HiiL Innovating Justice Forum provided live interpretation in 2 languages with Hopin and Interprefy

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Pricing and Booking

Our RSI solution is available on a usage-based pricing model and requires no subscription. We primarily evaluate event duration, number of languages, and number of users when quoting an event. Contact us to get a quote and book interpreting services for your next RingCentral platform event.