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How does Interprefy work with Bluejeans?

Interprefy and Bluejeans have partnered up to offer customers multilingual online meetings with real-time interpreting for their events held on the Bluejeans platform.

  • Virtual Event Platform: Bluejeans
  • Official Interprefy Partner
  • Interprefy solution: Audio in new browser tab / Interprefy Select Mobile App


The partnership makes Interprefy’s powerful cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation solution (RSI) available alongside Bluejeans platform to make meetings truly multilingual in a few simple steps. Interprefy supports enterprises with secure, accurate real-time translation, without the cost or administration associated with traditional on-site interpreting.

Mobile App Option

How it works for event organizers and administrators

Request live translation from Interprefy for your upcoming multilingual event on Bluejeans. Once Interprefy has scheduled your event, you will receive a login token to forward to your attendees and your event will have real-time interpretation available.  

How your attendees access live audio translation

Your event participants join the event on the Bluejeans platform and download the Interprefy app for Android or iOS and enter the login token provided by the event organizer.

Using their smartphone, they will select their preferred language and an interpreter will deliver all spoken content in the language selected by the attendee. They only need to mute the audio output on the video player on their Mac, PC, or conference room system while watching the webcast or meeting. All visual content will
appear on the BlueJeans interface while all audio content will be heard via the Interprefy app.

Browser Option

How it works for event organizers and administrators

Once your meeting has been scheduled on Bluejeans and Interprefy, a web-based audio join link can be added to the attendee invitation. Simply include, https://interpret.world/login=thisisatesttoken (token provided by Interprefy upon purchase) in your email invitations in addition to the BlueJeans Events attendee join link. 

How your attendees access live audio translation

Your event participants need to click on the link and a language selection drop list will appear in a new browser window.  Attendees need to mute the audio from the Bluejeans event browser window and enable the audio in the Interprefy browser window. 

Pricing and Booking

Our RSI solution is available on a usage-based pricing model and requires no subscription. We primarily evaluate event duration, number of languages, and number of users when quoting an event. Contact us to get a quote and book interpreting services for your next Bluejeans platform event.