Step by step instructions to perform a test call

Instructions for performing a successful test call on the Interprefy Connect and Connect Pro platforms.

Before joining a meeting on Interprefy Connect or Connect Pro, Interprefy provides a pre-call test feature to test device and computer settings, as well as connection quality. 

On this page, users can preview how they will look and sound during the meeting. Users can select their preferred devices, test their cameras, and record and play their audio input.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure you use dedicated hardware such as a wired headset with a microphone or a tabletop microphone and headset instead of the built-in microphone on your laptop. 
  • Ensure you use Google Chrome or Edge 79+ browsers.

Access the platform

Go to and click on the link "test devices" below the "To my session button".


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Please, note, a warning message might pop up if you are not using the recommended browsers (Google Chrome or Edge 79+). 

Test your camera

Make sure the correct camera device is selected and the Camera button is ON. Move something in front of the Camera’s view to estimate the capacity of the network. For example, wave your arms.

Test call 1-min

Test your microphone

Check the correct microphone is selected and that the Microphone button is ON. When you choose a microphone that works, you will see its level indicator moving while you speak.

Test call 2-min

Rehearse your voice

  1. Click on the Record icon to start recording from your microphone. If your microphone is working, you’ll see a moving orange level indicator as you speak. Click again on the Record Icon to finish your recording test.
    Test call 3-min
  2. Click on the Play Icon to replay the recorded sound and listen to yourself. Make sure that your voice is easily audible, free of noise, and clear.

Test call 4-min

If the sound quality is poor, it could be because:

  • you had the wrong microphone selected. Repeat the test using another microphone.
  • you were either too far away from the microphone or too close. Try changing the relative position of the microphone and repeat the test.
If it is still poor then you will need to find another microphone.

Test your connection

The Connection Test results will be displayed according to data collected from your network. It will let you know if the capacity is sufficient to stream video and audio.

Test call 5-min

If the packet loss is less than 0.5%, the video and audio quality is considered excellent, and both audio and video could be streamed. Acceptable packet loss for the video streaming is less than 3% and for the audio less than 5%.

If you still need help, you can see the video instructions to perform a test call here.