Housekeeping video with tips for speakers on meetings with interpretation

A short animated clip with a few simple guidelines for speakers at meetings and events with simultaneous interpretation, to make any multilingual event a success.

Interpreters require good quality sound and speech quality in order to listen, process information, render the message into another language and speak at the same time. In this video, speakers at meetings with simultaneous interpretation will find a few simple guidelines that will make a big difference for interpreters and other listeners, ultimately leading to great interpreted meetings and events.

How to best use this video

  • Start your meeting with housekeeping - Please play this video as part of your introduction at the start of your meeting or event. 
  • Share ahead of time - You may also share this video with every speaker ahead of your planned multilingual event, so they can prepare accordingly.

How to play this video

  1. Play from the browser - choose your preferred version from the table below, which will open the video in a new tab. You can then share your screen (with sound) on your meeting.
  2. Download to your computer - for example, if you would like to embed the video in your production setup. Right-click on Download and save the video right away, by selecting Save Link As.
  3. Play from our YouTube Channel where you will find different language versions and also have the option to activate closed captions in several languages. You can then share your screen (with sound) on your meeting.

🇺🇸 English

Without subtitles With subtitles

🇪🇸 Spanish

Without subtitles With subtitles

🇫🇷 French

Without subtitles With subtitles

🇩🇪 German

 Without subtitles With subtitles

🇯🇵 Japanese

Without subtitles With subtitles

🇦🇪 Arabic

Without subtitles With subtitles

🇷🇺 Russian

Without subtitles With subtitles

🇨🇳 Chinese

Without subtitles With subtitles

Play the video after your interpreters have joined the meeting, so they can interpret it into the different languages of your attendees.

You can also choose from the different languages available above if English is not the primary language of the meeting.

Go the extra mile

Here are some additional tips to make your meeting a success:

    • Share reference materials with interpreters in advance
    • Select the best microphone for your event type
    • Speak from a quiet, echo-proof environment
    • When it's your turn to speak, if you are not using the Interprefy meeting platform, make sure you turn off the interpretation or mute the audio, or you will hear yourself interpreted in another language!
    • Be mindful of untranslatables, such as cultural expressions, idioms, and jokes
    • If you have any problem with your microphone or headset, ensure they are plugged in and are selected as the correct input and output devices on your computer